Optyma™ Condensing Unit Ranges Embrace EcoDesign 2016

danfoss-eco-design-2016 On July 1st 2016, the first energy target of the EcoDesign relative to condensing units enters into force. Danfoss confirms the conformity of its Optyma™ lines for European customers and provides the necessary information for distributors and installers through Coolselector®2 selection software.

- Friday, 01 July 2016 By COMMERCIAL COMPRESSORS

2kW and 5kW, for low and medium to high temperature refrigeration respectively, are the two thresholds for the Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) of the EcoDesign applicable to condensing units. Below this cooling capacity, the condensing units must reach a certain COP, above a certain SEPR (Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio) - see table below.

The MEPS are applicable whatever the refrigerant used. For condensing units to be used with a refrigerant with a global warming potential lower than 150, COP and SEPR values can be lowered by 15% as of July 2016 and by 10% as of July 2018.


danfoss-meps-eco-design-2016 Compliance Facilitated by Optyma™ Genuine Energy Performance

Developed for the different needs of installers and commercial refrigeration applications, the European Optyma™ standard condensing units, packaged Optyma™ Slim Pack and Optyma™ Plus and packaged variable speed Optyma™ Plus INVERTER conform to this new directive.

"Only a few models in the standard Optyma™ range needed adjustments", explains Erik Roels, Business Sales Driver in Europe. "This is good news for installers and distributors who are pursuing their daily lives with the same models and codes from Danfoss. The energy performance of most of the Optyma™ models was already sufficiently high to pass the EcoDesign 2016 especially the ones of the packaged condensing units Optyma™ Slim Pack and Optyma™ Plus. Optyma™ Plus INVERTER models already comply with the thresholds of the Ecodesign 2018", he concludes.

Ease of Access to Information for Installers and Wholesalers

All mandatory information is available in the Coolselector®2, released on June 29th (see figure 1). A specific tab for EcoDesign is added in the selection software. Catalogs, brochures and application guidelines will integrate values of the rated COP or the rated COP+SEPR of each unit, according to the applicable requirement.

Compliance is recognizable due to the presence of the EcoDesign 2016 logo.

In parallel, Danfoss pursues the qualification and availability of ranges operating with refrigerants with lower environmental impact


danfoss-coolselector-eco-design-2016 For Further Information, please refer to the links below


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