Small HFC pack control with Pack Controller AK-PC 351

  • Capacity regulation of compressors and condensers in small size refrigeration applications


  • PCsDescriptionCode Number
    1Pack Controller AK-PC 351 (24 V)080G0289
    1Pressure transmitter AKS 32R for suction (1/4” flare -1 to 12 bar)060G1036
    1Pressure transmitter AKS 32R for discharge (1/4” flare -1 to 34 bar)060G0090
    2Plug with 5 m cable060G1034
    1Temperature sensor AKS 11 for suction (5.5 m cable, -50 to 100°C)084N0005
    1Temperature sensor AKS 21A for discharge (5 m cable, -70 to 180°C)084N0008
     Speed drive FC-103 for lead compressor and condenserconsult FC-103 configuration tool (
     Scroll CompressorQuick Selection Catalogue Chapter 18



  • Key Benefits

    • Covers most commonly used HFC pack applications for commercial refrigeration
    • Fast and Easy wizard setup
    • Robust control with optimised control algorithms and factory default
    • Energy saving features to reduce operating costs
    • Graphical, easy to use interface


  • Functions

    • 1 suction group
    • Up to 4 compressors and 4 condenser fans (Maximum 6 in total)
    • Variable speed on lead compressor
    • Variable speed on condenser fans
    • Built in display
    • Modbus connection to AK-SM 800 or AK-SC 355


  • Energy Saving Features

    • ADAP-KOOL Integration
    • Suction Pressure Optimization
    • Night Setback
    • Floating condenser control


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